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Ralph Bracco

An Actor with an Edge

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A Versatile Actor  to take on numerous character types, the Edgy Detective ,the Caring Doctor  a Mean Spirited Gangster and a Humbling Comedic Dad. And my looks change for characters such  as a Well Groomed Mobster to a Classic looking Mustached NYPD Cop or Scruffy Western Rancher. Great Comedic Improv along with being a cast member of one of New York's longest running Murder Mystery Theater Shows  ...

 I am a passionate Actor and love being in this industry. I love what I do, and want others to see that love shine through in all of my work.  Very Professional on TV & Film Sets. So take a look around to find information about myself, my career, updates on projects I’m working on, and any upcoming projects.

Being a Native New Yorker I know what it means to have an edge and hope to bring that to all my work.....

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macy's alfani suits                                                                   ceo/boss                                                                  vox media

pch ; pay my bills contest                                                      ralph,electric co. rep                                           jennifer martonik

mediacom,uncovering the truth                                           interrogating detective                                     mediacom

seashore seafood restaurant                                                 dad                                                                             frank mosca

flatbush zombies sneaker promo                                         police officer                                                        zombie productions



the irishman                                                                             tony pro crew                                                  martin scorsese

wizard of lies                                                                            17th floor staffer                                                barry levison

frankie, italian roulette                                                          the boss/restaurante                                          francesco mazza

desperate endeavors                                                              carl,the angry neighbor                                      salim khassa

night of the pumpkin                                                             officer randolph                                                  sideshow productions



kingpin ,gotti episode                                                             neil dellacroce                                                    rick lopez

homicide city , society hill                                                     richard zimmerman                                           investigation discovery

perfect murder s 4/3                                                               bucky philips                                                      kevin kaufman

inside the american mob                                                       sonny franzese                                                    nat geo channel

first 48 ,10th anniversary special                                          det .berrena                                                                A & E


the jesus story, a symphony of love

pontius pilate

frank holley


WHO is RALPH BRACCO... his story

When a person comes to a crossroads in their life and it looks like a dead end then you have to reinvent yourself, or as the great Yogi said " when you come to a fork in the road take it", well that's what Ralph Bracco did back in 2008 .While working for the same company for 30 years they started to downsize and Ralph found himself with an unexpected and ill-timed early retirement. So he figured he would give acting a shot, a passion of his that was buried deep inside him. With no formal training except for some roles in some elementary school skits tucked under his belt he answered an ad for an independent film that needed an extra to play a cop, a character that would be one of his favorites to portray. He found himself back in his old neighborhood in Queens on set with two veteran actors Sally Kirkland and James Murtaugh, a little

starstruck he caught the bug and hasn't got rid of it since.                                             

              Without taking any acting lessons he feels that he has been schooled by growing up watching some of the best actors of our time in both TV and Film and draws from that along with watching and listening on all projects he works on, whether being an extra or featured artist he is always observing and listening all the time on set. He brings that raw NY type of acting to all the projects he works on. Growing up in Queens during the 60's and 70's he feels he can relate to some of his characters and brings that across in some of his work.                                                                            Ralph has had numerous roles in Movies ,TV and Commercials along with Music videos and some  Independent and Foreign Films .Some of his work has been shown at the Cannes and Tribeca film Festival's along with working on numerous Web Series, and still working on some student films to fine tune his craft "you never know when you could be working with the next great director and this business is all about connections and networking" .His roles range from playing police officers or detectives to doctors, lawyers, blue collar types as construction worker or cabby to probably his favorite, a wise guy .He also truly enjoys being part of period piece productions, "It not only gives you a chance to act the character but also relive a point in time ".

                Some shows he has been part of are Boardwalk Empire, Law & Order SVU, Vinyl, The Deuce and numerous Discovery ID and History Channel productions such as Perfect Murder, Men Who Built America , Mobster Confession , Inside the American Mob .Recently he has worked in South America with an Emmy nominated Director for  the History Channel mini series , Kingpins ,John Gotti ,portraying underboss Neil Dellacroce. Other movies are Desperate Endeavors, Wolves of Wall Street, Shadow Recruit, Revenge of the Green Dragons , and Short films like Night of the Pumpkin and Frankie the Green Card Lottery. His commercials and print work include , National and regional spots, Media Com Cable , Blue Point Brewery and Publishers Clearing House .                                                                                                            

                  He also is involved with playing many characters in a Dinner Theater Murder Mystery production of Murdered by the Mob which is NY longest running theater show. Ralph enjoys bringing different looks to his roles along with a variety of accents. He also has a love of music and plays the guitar and drums. In the future he would enjoy rounding out his roles to include comedy and drama along with taking some acting classes and a more theatre roles.                                                                                                                  *************************

Ralph is very excited and looking forward to really getting bigger and prominent roles with each passing project and more confidence in his performances. If anything he feels he has got an edge, after all he is a True New Yorker....


For additional past work and my looks and video clips visit my associated casting agencies pages.





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